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director - Frank Spano Frank Spano resume - Two women. Two generations. Two victims of a tragedy. Two social classes that meet during a disaster that took their pasts away in a few hours. Isabel and Yudeixi are two opposite women who, by the violence of fate, are united and become immigrants overnight. Isabel is a 49-year-old nurse. She is from Canarias but lives in Venezuela. Yudeixi del Carmen is a 17-year-old poor girl who is used to make a living out of crimes. They travel to Canarias as refugees. For Yudeixi to stay in Europe, Isabel becomes her legal representative. Therefore, they are forced to start from scratch... together Release Date - 2011

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country USA
Director Antoine Fuqua reunites with Denzel Washington in this sequel to 2014's The Equalizer. Washington resumes his role as Robert McCall: a retired CIA Black Ops operative who now works as a Lyft driver and moonlights as a vigilante. When his long-time friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) is murdered, he embarks on a relentless, globe-trotting quest for vengeance
2 hour 1 M
Directed by Antoine Fuqua
Richard Lindheim

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Release Date: 2015. Star: Mikael Andrén. genre: Comedy. Writed by: Jonas Selberg Augustsén. Liked it: 136 Votes

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  • actor - Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix
  • Jean-Louis Schlesser
  • brief - Réfractaire is a movie starring Pierre Niney, Arthur Dupont, and Guillaume Gouix. May 1944. A young man just out of college returns to his hometown in Luxembourg. Refusing to fight on the German side, he chooses a clandestine life
  • 69 Vote
  • country - Luxembourg

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countries - Brazil, USA; Michel Stolnicki; director - Michel Stolnicki; runtime - 22 minutes

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2013 / director Germano Maccioni / Rating 74 vote / review How to portray one of the most charismatic poets of the past decades. How to recount the human and artistic saga of Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, to convey the complexity of a character who provokes contrasting emotions and opinions / Countries Italy

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Genres=Comedy, Fantasy. Rating=93 Votes. country=Turkey. casts=Adile Nasit

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Country UK
Creators Eddie Braben
Duration 89 Min
rating 4,9 of 10
Directed by Bob Kellett

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runtime 13 minutes. Release date 2016. Scores 21 vote. Writed by Joris Debeij. Director Joris Debeij

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Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business is a movie starring Chris Alexander, Dave Alexander, and Chad Archibald. A survival guide for the modern independent filmmaker Country - Canada Directors - Justin McConnell

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  • Country=Japan
  • duration=2h 9 minute
  • rating=494 Vote
  • Casts=Tadanobu Asano
  • Release Year=2014

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7,6 of 10 / movie Info - A young man Ivan travels in a carriage, and stops to rest in a remote castle somewhere in the lowlands. The castle is considered by locals to be haunted. The coachman doesn't want to carry on, so Ivan continues his journey by foot. A young kid who passes by tells Ivan about the castle, but the next minute the carriage kills him. Sibylle, a beautiful but strange woman comes out of the carriage and helps Ivan to carry the dead kid into the castle, which turns out to be her home. After her husband's death, Sybille lives there only with her coachman Bartholomew. Upon his arrival, Ivan starts to hear strange music coming from unknown place. Ivan and Sibylle fall in love with each other, but the mystery of music is yet to be find out / directed by - Djordje Kadijevic / liked It - 108 vote / 55minutes

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