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  1. Review=The Energy Specialist is a movie starring Amy Acker, Timm Sharp, and Katie Walder. The Energy Specialist is about what you do after college, when you have spent most of your college days partying. After graduating from U. Mass
  2. Country=USA
  3. cast=Katie Walder
  4. tomatometers=6,4 / 10 stars
  5. creator=Eric S. Page

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tomatometer - 7,2 / 10
Writed by - Scott Frank
In 1991, In New York, Matt Scudder is an alcoholic police detective. In 1999, Scudder is retired from the police and is a private investigator without license. When his comrade Peter Kristo from the rehab invites him to visit his brother Kenny Kristo, who is a drug dealer, Scudder learns that Kenny's wife Ann Carrie Kristo) had been abducted and cut into pieces by the kidnappers. Now Kenny wants to find the killer to revenge. Scudder initially refuses the case but then he accepts to investigate. Soon he finds that the killers have murdered other women connected to drug dealers and they get their files from the DEA. When the fourteen year-old daughter of a drug dealer is also kidnapped, Scudder heads up a group to rescue the teenager

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France; Casts: Ann Marie Calhoun; Duration: 42m; user Rating: 8,2 / 10 stars; Resume: Meet Hans Zimmer before his concert at the Apollo Theater, London, during the Fall of 2014. See the rehearsals at John Henry's studio, witness the magic happens

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Rating=5,5 / 10; genre=Horror; Year=2016; Nick Moran, Katee Sackhoff; synopsis=Don't Knock Twice is a movie starring Katee Sackhoff, Lucy Boynton, and Richard Mylan. A mother desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch

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  1. Writed by: Alex Jovanoski
  2. Hey is a movie starring Habermann Fin, Armin Hermann, and Louisa Käser. A burglar with a gambling debt hides from local gangsters in his victim's home and forms a peculiar bond with that young woman, who just got diagnosed with a
  3. Casts: Habermann Fin, Louisa Käser
  4. 90 Minutes
  5. Rating: 7,5 of 10

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Sport; Country - USA; In a year of non-stop thrills, 2012 proved once again that anything can happen in a WWE ring. Now, after a truly unforgettable 52 weeks of Raw and SmackDown, collect all the best matches and moments from WWE's two signature shows in three amazing volumes; duration - 130 M

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Manu Bennett
Audience Score=30 Votes
brief=The challenge in telling the story of how the Vigilante must grow from street protector to hero for the people

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My mother's lost Chinese heritage was a point of departure in this film which investigates the process by which an image is constructed in places foreign from that of my own / Duration: 15Minutes / directed by: Rajee Samarasinghe / Writed by: Rajee Samarasinghe

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Sebastian Foxworth
Meet the family that puts the 'FUN' in dysfunctional family

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Directed by=Florian Steinbiss



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release Year 2017; Duration 1 hour 30 Minutes; Description Bad Trip is a movie starring Tom Audenaert, Peter De Graef, and Maaike Cafmeyer. 'Bad Trip' is a comedy in which four friends in their last week as housemates interference in an unfortunate situation where they have to sell within; Creators Jef Hoogmartens; Comedy

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Ratings: 9,4 of 10; directed by: Pablo Montllau, Germán Fernández; Country: Argentina; writer: Pablo Montllau; Genres: Documentary

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