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release Year 2017; Duration 1 hour 30 Minutes; Description Bad Trip is a movie starring Tom Audenaert, Peter De Graef, and Maaike Cafmeyer. 'Bad Trip' is a comedy in which four friends in their last week as housemates interference in an unfortunate situation where they have to sell within; Creators Jef Hoogmartens; Comedy

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IF YOU ARE HAVING A BAD TRIP WATCH FRIENDS. it has worked on every person i used it on. Friends has such a good vibe you will be laughing in no time trust me. IF YOU ARE HAVING A BAD TRIP COME HERE. Study's say that LSD makes your brain mimic that of a schizophrenic. On 2 occasions did I think I got schizophrenia during a trip because whatever I'd be watching on TV would start to make fun of me or pick out things I've done in life that was bad. Anyone experience that or is it not normal.

I want to see people like going crazy on LSD, DMT, cocaine, shrooms or whatever. Just curious what it could look like and use it as a reminder never to test hard drugs lol How extreme it might be, I wanna see it. Having a bad trip? Watch some Bee and Puppycat.

"Very bad for U.S. Trump calls for ATampT boycott while watching CNN on London trip

Watched my classmate suffer a bad trip in class today. Ugh. Finnaly got some DXM only on sale and I have to wait Ps I'm bad at flairs.




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