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directed by Aitor Aspe; Release year 2017; Countries Spain

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DBS: Broly World Premiere - Expect Regular Updates. Consider this my confession, of a sort. They say you shouldn't let your cat out after dark. Cats are nocturnal predators so, unsurprisingly, they do a lot of hunting if you leave them outside overnight. Birds and small mammals are their usual prey, and they'll usually kill frequently if given free rein. Like the serial killers of the pet world, your average cat will kill regularly just for the fun of it. Fairly often cats dont even bother eating what they kill. Sorry cat lovers but its true. N. So a couple of months ago hot on the heels of the Tenta 2019 Splatoon concert, I posted a long "review" of the concert as soon as I was done watching.] 2_live_2019_thoughts/ You can go and read it, but it mostly just surmounts to me being in awe and claiming everything else related to Ebb and Flow was irrelevant. Now, with the Splatoon 2 Kyoto Mix/Haika Live concert just wrapping up and r/Splatoon ready to either make hot new memes o.

“Skully,” one of two Halloween-themed stories Ive written and am posting to my blog this month. This ones funny, the next one will be spooky and just for Halloween night. I would love to wear that Jersey to school. Wow didn't know Pele was that good lol.




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