Crime / 2012 / scores: 25 Vote / cast: Jack Wallace / Story: An Old Man's Gold is a movie starring Jack Wallace, Mik Scriba, and Gabrielle Stone. Dying of cancer, former thief Charlie Dawson decides to leave his gold to his namesake Charlene, the great grand daughter of his two former

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Jeans and Joggers. lol. This is real music folks. Not like the over dubbed synthetic crap of listening to this guy since the 70's. Never tire. Sooo Happy I tuned in to. f.b today: Haven't heard Neil Young in 20 years! Thank You. I love hearing him sing the chorus of Old Man live, he does it so well. Neil Young is one of those artists that just has such naturally on point intonation. That old man knows how to use his legs. Pete, there is someone who could have topped this, but sadly he died in '77. i assume this was dubbed over the original video? awesome vocals (as usual.

Omg when he pantsed that guy and then scored. that's the hardest I've laughed in a while... How can someone dislike it Sob... Plot twist the guys pants he pulled down Wasn't wearing underwear! 😐. This is sean garnier If you agree like this comment. This was 18 years ago Neil still going strong now with many physical problems i know people that hated him because they said he could not sing but i tried to tell them it was just his style and it was effective to get his music and message out there this guy lasted many decades made so much great music today's artists will not have long careers or make any long term impact on the direction of music.

I want to know who is this old man. Really don't understand the 21 thumbs downs on this. 21 people who know nothing about nothing obviously 🤔. The wonderful Woman at 1:19 im in Love. 4:10 - Heart Of Gold. Beautiful childhood sweet memory... Beautiful song.  Will always love it. Neil Young Harvest is my absolute favorite album of all time. I've never seen neil in full beard, but I have seen him dozens of times in concert with full side burns.

I am still listening in 2019, Neil will turn 74, he is real old man now. Love him

Takes balls to stand up there and do that.



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