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genres: Drama

Actors: Grant R. Krause, Hannah Timmons

Director: Daniel Freudenberger

Writed by: Daniel Freudenberger

Last Update: Friday, 17-Jan-20 21:42:24 UTC





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The story of the movie copied from the korean movie thrist. Is it just me or does she look like Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Either way I think I might spend money to see this one. Never thought I'd see tom felton as unattractive but wow. Good film. Sad but good. That's the worst trailer ever. Poor representation of a great film. I can't wait longer. Soo corny 😂😂. Role of sickly cousin suits tom felton.

Holly crap! Scarlet Witch nailed Apocalypse from X-men. I saw no man that could or does look attractive. Trust me guys! The movie was INCREDIBLE. I recommend it. I loved the ending, even though it was brutal. So the awkward guy with the greasy hair gets killed, so she can be with the charming artist. In present day time this would be the computer geek getting killed so she can be with the Jock. Great story to tell.

It's Draco and Scarlet Witch. YAY

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Jessica Lange, Tom felton, Elizabeth Olsen what could go wrong. Thérèse Raquin. Actually looks pretty good. Isn't this the exact plot of tulip fever. Yet another movie about Therese Raquin, and this one looks like the best version of it ever. Welcome to Mercy gonna be a good Horror Movie, can't wait to see on cinemas and soon on inflixer. This totally looks too much emotional! It seems very well directed and acted, but Zola's masterpiece is a psychological novel, not a thriller nor a romance! Hope this is just because of the publicity. ≧◉◡◉≦ I can't wait to see this. Apocalypse, scralett witch, draco malfoy.





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This is a really good show. Simon and Marcy Tagline: They're the Last of Us left.

The math genius just HAD to write the complex equations on a glass window

I know people leave the 'well that was the whole movie' comment often, but seriously. that was the whole god damn movie. I will always swoon over Ellen Page' s tortured and sad, puppy face. Just finished season 1. I cant wait for season 2 to come out, absolutely amazing. Writing, acting and story was great. Chemistry between actors was believable and more. Please bring out season 2 already. @UnholyCrabmeat You're right. Her sisters were cute when they were younger, but now they look like couple of skeletons doing nothing worthy. Will definitely be taking my son to see this.

Elizabeth Olsen ! Alright I am going to watch this

Copy of the french book Therese Raquin. Wife- give me the D  hus- no  hus bestfriend- ok i give u the D  wife- i like the D more plz  lol.





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