Country: USA; rating: 5,4 of 10; 1 hour 59 Minutes; genre: Crime; Stevie D is a movie starring Torrey DeVitto, Kevin Chapman, and Chris Cordone. STEVIE D is a humorous crime drama about a Los Angeles construction magnate whose only son has accidentally killed a connected man. A sinister plan is

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This movie looks like it was shot on a you-tube film budget. I really enjoyed this film. The relationships are all really thoughtful, even the hit men have loads of personality and a natural and funny rhythm with their banter. They provide a lot of genuine comic relief, and they are almost like watching a funny old married couple. I also really enjoyed the connection between Michael (the fake Stevie) and Lenny (played by the fabulous Kevin Chapman. It was fun to watch Lenny go from thinking "we're doing this poor sap a favor" if the fake Stevie (Michael) gets bumped off in their actually putting a guard on him because he wants to protect him from getting hurt. Could it have been edited a little tighter? Sure! But given that it's a low budget film, and I've seen so many of those, I think Chris Cordone did a lovely job, and it's obvious he squeezed every bit of substance out of that budget that he pecially with all the great casting. I loved seeing John Aprea do his thing, better than anyone else. Such a natural. And I also really enjoyed seeing the great Hal Linden! He is a treasure. Torrey DeVito is beautiful and does a nice turn as Daria. Even the characters that have less than 5 minutes of screen time make the most of what they've got and bring something engaging to the film. I think it's a refreshing and fun film, in a sea of remakes and big budget boring movies. I like movies with characters I can actually care about Steve D. delivers.

Rating 4.2 (42. This is how it will eventually end: 1: He will turn gay after all 2: He will take his life 3: He will Love both, Guys and Women.




I was reading the winners of 2005 Academy Awards and I thought Man, how could this ass Jamie Foxx win over Leonardo Dicaprio in Aviator? This guy's a nobody, then I saw Ray. Wow, just. wow. Best biopic performance by far. Now I'm never judging out of sight again.

This movie is an insult to Bruce Lee, his family. his legacy! his teaching was to show how important it is not to limet yourself just to one form & to be open minded to all forms of martial arts. yes he spoke about the limitations of traditional martial arts, but not cause he thought he was the future. but cause traditionally kung fu teaches to strick form & to strictly stay to one style & you only do things certain ways & also it was to be taught to anyone not Chinese, Japanese, etc. He created Jeet Kune Do as a way for anyone who wanted to learn kung fu & to show the importance of not being limited to one style & the benifets or combing different forms. basically he was the first to teach mma. I highly doubt the Bruce Lee foundation, linda Lee, or Shannon Lee would be ok with this movie.

Jamie biggest career role so far. If homosexuality was a choice, James would probably be gay. Haha jk. Im sorry god please dont put me in hell. Its about who lives, who dies, who tell your stories 😂😂.



Motherfucker Jones. It was his point blank aim. Final Fantasy, the Live action movie. The movie was good. but why did he have that reaction at the end? can someone please tell me. Thank You ♡. This movie is Beastie Boys - Sabotage wannabe.



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