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Info The story starts in the city of Lahore, where three friends Daniyal (Yasir Shah), Nomi (Imran Bukhari) and Baba ( Amir Qureshi) plan for the biggest bank robbery of Lahore. They put their masks on and rob the bank. The action sequence that take place while doing the robbery, a girl name Sara (Nimra Khan) who is the Bank Manager gets injured. She does survive but loses her sight. Daniyal, when get to know that it is him and his gang who are responsible for Sara's lost eyesight starts behaving more concerned towards her and eventually falls in love with Sara. Neither of them are aware that Inspector (Fawad Jalal) is continuing to investigate, who ran over Sara will soon conclude that the suspect is none other than Daniyal and his gang Aamir Qureshi Genre Crime user rating 7,1 of 10 stars Release Year 2016

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Blind Love.




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