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Good video here. Very few have a following like Sonny does, like him or not, he's a legend in the entire bike culture and many want to be him or try and be just like him. I've followed Sonny a good part of my life and I'll always admire him for the man he is. Sonny Barger is a man among men. Respect! LL&R. Online video dead in 5 heartbeats video.

You ever seen the movie Hells Angels 69? I even found it on DVD some years back

I would've watched this whole interview, but seeing Sonny pushing that button on his throat brought back bad memories of my childhood, because my dad's best friend had a device similar to this, but no button on his throat. he had a vibrating electrolarynx that he pressed against his throat when he spoke. Anyway, the things that Sonny's had to put up with in his life, i.e. rivals, busts, the Altamont incident, and now cancer would've driven a normal man crazy, but this humble, harley-riding old-timer is content with being who he is, the godfather of the Hell's Angels. I hope Sonny's on a Harley when he rides off into the sunset.

Loads of respect from Wales UK.


Online video dead in 5 heartbeats movie. Sonny is true 1%er, and a stand up guy. Got a few items from him over the years, a true gentleman. Online video dead in 5 heartbeats 2. Online Video Dead In 5 heartbeats. Why the fuck this aint super popular. awesome teaser. Online video dead in 5 heartbeats season. Thumbs up if you rock the 1% patch. Sonny Barger. com. Als ich erfahren habe, wie Der Club aufegabut bzw strukturiert ist (Regeln, Rangordnungen etc. stellte sich bei mir gleich ein Gefühl des Rocker-BIKERclub? Das schaut mir irgendwie weniger nach einem freiwilligen und freundschaftlichen Biker(Rocker)club aus, sondern viel mehr nach einem kleinen hierarchisch geprägtem System im System aus ein. Schade eigentlich...

Sonny, We have to see your new movie and wish you and yours the best of everything in life. Reading the book LET'S RIDE, GREAT BOOK, A must read.





Dead In 5 Heartbeats The Movie was filmed in 47 different locations in Phoenix and Black Canyon Arizona. In just 24 days. The Infidelz motorcycle club in the film were portrayed by real 81 members. Dead in 5 Heartbeats. 05.04.2013 Directed by Jeff Santo. With Jeff Black, David Della Rocco, Robert Chico Mora, Jake Meehan. The Infidelz MC's former President, Patch Kinkade, is dragged back into his prior life when the peace accord between the clubs is broken. 01.01.2003 Dead in 5 Heartbeats book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The no–holds–barred first novel from Sonny Barger, author of t. ‎Dead In 5 Heartbeats on iTunes.



‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Dead In 5 Heartbeats directed by Jeff Santo for 4.99. Dead in 5 Heartbeats by Ralph Barger - Goodreads.

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