countries USA; Billion Dollar Freshmen is a TV movie starring Gil L. Aroy, Spencer Boldman, and William Brent. was the original name of the show before it was called Lab Rats. It was created by It's a Laugh Productions, filmed by multiple cameras; Bryan Moore; Spencer Boldman; director Mark Cendrowski

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03.05.2010 Here is Zach's Audition for a TV Pilot called "Billion Dollar Freshman. 23.08.2019. This video was highly requested in my insta dms for some reason ) HAPPY BDAY TO ME say happy bday to me, I took time to make this video n edit it.


Billion Dollar Freshmen (TV Movie 2011. 22.11.2015 So here's the Pilot episodes of my version of "Billion Dollar Freshman! Basially what I'm doing is taking the show we all love; Lab Rats, and recreating it the way I think Billion Dollar Freshman. Congress showers health care industry with.

Billion Dollar Freshman: Pilot. Billion Dollar Freshmen_Jade. 14.11.2015 Just a promo-type thing for a bigger project I'm working on! I've always been curious about what the plot of Lab Rats, as "Billion Dollar Freshman" would have been like before they changed it. 13.08.2016 Show me you like this by smashing the like button! Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments. Remember patience saves pockets and be sure to spread Peace Love and Positivity.


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