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South Korea liked It=478 vote Info=Yang Yuhuan is a wife of Prince Li Mao and the Emperor Tang Ming Huang's daughter-in-law. When Prince Li's mother, Wu commits suicide after her conspiracy against the Emperor fails, Yang is abandoned and is given to the Emperor in exchange for the crown prince. Their affection grew through the political struggle and living together in the palace. But their happiness and good days do not last long when the Lushan Rebellion breaks out 2015 rating=4,7 of 10 Stars

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Lady of the Dynasty, Netflix. Central and Eastern European Online Library - CEE journals, documents, articles, periodicals, books available. On the Fantastic in the Chinese Film “Legend of the Demon Cat” Cover Image. Download. the tragic affair between the Chinese concubine Yang Guifei and the Tang emperor Li Longji – a storyline which has. Princess Yang Kwei Fei. Yang Gui Fei was a consort who lived in a perilous time. Her beauty made her into a pivotal role in savage political struggle of ancient Chinese monarchy, but.

Fan BingBing In Yang Guifei 2015 – ENG Sub - HD.



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