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Never thought sleeping could be a bad thing. Thanks for posting. Netflix trailers tells the whole story of the movie 🙂💔sometimes I regret watching them because they dont leave room for guessing. Es de lo mejor es vacan. 0:43 Chris stockman wtf. Im on board. My 3 month old son loves this he gets so happy. Thank you so much 💙. Its weird seeing Elsa and Anna actually communicating throughout a movie. It's like I watched alice in wonderland in 4.09 minutes wow I'm amazed. New generations dancers cant beat old generations dancers. We'll probably just do a korean face mask. I don't need to know all the words.


I really loved this movie. i just love art and funky colors and rainbows lol. Oh man the bigoted anti-SJW folks are going to have a field day with this. Who else already watched it?✨. I feel like she tries to use a lot of sarcasm when she speaks but just comes across as super condescending.


Would've been funnier if, at the end of the video, the Guardians find themselves surrounded by a massive army of Cabal. A few of them are clapping excitedly at the dance scene before realizing their buddies aren't joining in and stop, going back to their Grr, super serious faces. The Guardians just look at each other in silence before they all activate their supers to slaughter their way through the Cabal. I thought the Public had already been released last year or the year before. This is what happens when you don't have the MCU and Disney backing you up.






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