reviews: After 15 years of dictatorship, and in response to international pressure, the dictator Augusto Pinochet announces that a referendum shall be organized in July 1988, whereby the citizens of Chile can vote Yes or No to another 8 years with him as the president / Country: France, Chile / year: 2012 / Pedro Peirano / Pablo Larraín

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In the last few days, I went to the cinema to see NO, a movie about the 88s plebiscite in Chile, and it was a very good experience.
The main is story it's of the man who was behind the NO campaign, René Saveedra; and boy, Gael García Bernal gives us a very serious but very well done character.
Also, the camera and the sets of the film give us the feeling that this is an 80s movie. That was very interesting.
Pablo Larraín directed very well this movie, because it gives the sensation that its real (well, of course it was real, but it was like in the real life they hided a camera on the places. It was just very realistic. Also, the script, made by Pedro Peirano, it's very real and well written.
Well, in brief words, NO it's a movie that any lover of independent films have to see.
8 stars out of 10.




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