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Country UK
Creators Eddie Braben
Duration 89 Min
rating 4,9 of 10
Directed by Bob Kellett

Last Update: Thursday, 02-Jan-20 12:14:05 UTC


During WW1, a London boot boy called Lurk (Howerd) is hypnotised to save Britain from the Germans and has their master plan tattooed on his buttocks in order to get the information back to the British.


The second spin-off from the highly successful "UP POMPEII" sitcom is a truly ramshackle farce. It only ever provides faint amusement and the production values are strictly cardboard cut outs as is the direction of Bob Kellet who directed all three of the films spawned by the TV original. The best scene is where Dora Bryan dances with a German officer disguised as a doctor leaving him no choice but to join in with an English patriotic song much to his chagrin.




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Up the Front. We all know James Franco got his ass whooped at the end.


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A really good Jason Statham movie. IMO. I love the strong father-daughter bonding in this movie and how little feuds can become a fiery death. I like how he played a new role and James Franco was the perfect villian. If you haven't seen it, watch it, don't make hasty decisions. Definitely worth your time and money. 10/10. Give Bill Burr an Oscar. Spoiler alert: he doesn't become president.

It's amazing how Gary Hart's campaign imploded because of an extramarital affair, but 30 years later we have a president who not only did the same thing, but multiple times with multiple wives, and people love him. How the hell does that happen. Just finished watching this film. Gotta give it to them, real good movie. Jason and Franco = BOSS. Domsetic Taken. That girl has a good head on her could learn something from her. Good ol Billy Red Balls. I spied a Bald Mustachioed Bill Burr. I forgot he was in this. ALL BECAUSE OF A FIGHT ON A PLAYGROUND. OHHH BILLLYY. I never knew Taken 4 was coming out. James Franco is one hell of actor, this past week i was watching his films and the trailers of his upcoming ones. each time he blow's my mind whether he's the bad guy (which i personally prefer) or the good guy.

Hugh Jackman is clearly The Front Runner to win Oscar for Best Actor at the 2019 Academy Awards. I saw this movie. Probably the best Jason Statham movie I've seen. Pretty BA. I take my previous comment back! He's wearing a hat in this. Method acting gone too far in my eyes! They just can't pin him down. The chameleon of cinema. Ol' Billy Bigshot with his actin. This trailer feels weird. i'm seeing it for Franco, to be honest and hoping it doesn't suck as much as the trailer.

One word: WOW. PLS TELL ME JAMES FRANCO DIDN'T PUT METH IN HER BIRTHDAY CAKE. Looks interesting, honestly watching cause of Hugh Jackman & Jk Simmons. Could this be the greatest movie ever.




Wow, this film suffers from the TV MASH syndrome. In the early 1950's, all men wore pomade in their hair. It was greased back, not blow dried. If you're doing a period piece film you have to deal with the suspension of disbelief. Disbelief. You have to do more than the soundtrack music. Even the costumes didn't look period.

Bill Burr. I loved this film, so many funny scenes, there's something magical about Jerry. You either see it or you don't. I saw it big. The old Logan. Come on, next Oscar for DiCaprio. PLS TELL ME JAMES FRANCO DIDN'T PUT METH IN HER BIRTHDAY CAKE. I here this song in goodfells. My fave woody allen movie- one they didnt jamm diane keaton in. When is it being released in cinemas and dvd. Looks like a man's version of Home Alone. Nothing Tarantino loves more than killing Nazis and saying the N word. Ol billy fake stach asking about the laaadyyyyyyy. I love action movies Jason fit in this ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜˜.

Hard times make hard men, hard men make easy times, easy times make soft men, and soft men make hard times. Best action movie, I have ever watched, 5/5, Must watch. 2017 Me: her album Cry Baby felt like a movie! 2019 Melanie: hold my pacifiers. The only reason iam watching this. My heart ache just to watch small part of the documentary. Now if only the game would have been this cool...




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