scores 8 vote. 5,3 of 10. Lalteen is a movie that illustrates the criminal activities of gangs and their way of life in the city. Guns and violence are daily rituals of gang members and innocent people are victimised. Lalteen visualises the hardship when involved with criminals and the result is mostly terrible. 2017

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Full move koile auxa. Very nice trailer jay bhaire. Superhit... the world. Now nice. Waiting for this movie. Wow. Nic tailler. Full movie herna kati kurnu parne o. #BHAIRE. Kando vanana sadhai same story same script same location same act nothing new to experience. wakkai lagisako xaad aaula jasto vaisako. Dayahang the reason... I would love watching Nepali time. What a act. I respect him from core of my heart. What a movie. Loved it...

Thriller psicológico bem claustrofóbico, exatamente do jeito que eu gosto, e ainda colocam esse elenco. É pra surtar de vez! Vai Amy Addams! É tu hora mulher.


Just here for gaurav pahari. Yek dam dammi xa hai baru xito halnu paryo ho full movie Dayahang Daju KO matw thulo fan ho ni. Kati pali aucha ho eutai trailer pahila ni ako jasto layo. Get out vitra 😄😄😄😄😄😄.





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