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resume=The Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed. score=147 vote. Horror. country=USA. release Year=2017

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My spoiler free review for The Bloody Asylum that can be found at WordPress, Mr Geeky blog:
The American Guinea Pig series of films, produced by Unearthed Films, are an homage to the hugely controversial Japanese Guinea Pig films of the 1980s and 1990s, a series of extreme horror films that pushed boundaries with their graphic depictions of brutality, violence, blood, and gore, leading them to being banned in many countries to this day. Unearthed Films distributed the films in the US in the early 2000s, then when the use of the Guinea Pig name was made illegal in Japan they purchased the rights to the name. The first film produced in the American Guinea Pig series was "Bouquet of Blood and Gore" this was followed up by "Bloodshock. The third film in the series "The Song of Solomon" is produced, written, and directed by Stephen Biro, co-founder and CEO of Unearthed Films. The first of the series to have far more of a story and narrative structure. An exorcism/possession film as only Unearthed films could produce.
Stephen Biro's solid writing and directing is complimented by film-makers who so obviously have a passion for extreme horror as he does, all wanting to do something different with the exorcism/possession genre. They certainly have with The Song of Solomon, a low budget film that is far more accomplished than many mainstream studio horror films of recent years. Even more impressive is that it was produced on a very small fraction of the budgets of those films. The film-makers understand how to combine sound, music, visuals, and editing to good effect to create an effective atmosphere, not falling back on cheap jump scares as many horror films tend to do nowadays. For the most part there is an unnerving feeling of mounting dread and tension throughout the entire film, interspersed with shocking scenes of extreme blood and gore. These effects are all achieved through hugely impressive practical effects by Marcus Koch of Oddtopsy FX (We Are Still Here) and Jerami Cruise of TOETAG EFX (Tales of Halloween, Murder Set Pieces) that never overwhelm the other aspects of the film, although for those who are familiar with Unearthed Films, and are watching for those blood and gore scenes they will definitely not be disappointed.
By making The Song of Solomon a part of the American Guinea Pig series it somewhat hinders expectations because the resulting film is far more than just a blood and gore film. However, the series is exactly as the Japanese originals were, becoming far more story and character based with the latter films. Regardless of how accurate the actual exorcism ritual scenes are, a great amount of research was undertaken to ensure those scenes were in fact as realistic as they could be. In the context of the film they are extremely effective, with a lot of the credit going to JESSICA CAMERON as Mary the victim of possession, the standout performance of the entire film. Her portrayal is committed, fearless, and most of all disturbing. Moving effortlessly from innocent to being genuinely unnerving, and very convincing. Almost at times making it feel as if there is a demon inside her. Taking into account that she has gone on record as saying she feels she is not the best of actors. Here she without a doubt proved herself wrong. However, more of an introduction in the initial set up of the film to Mary and her family rather than the film picking up the story after she has been possessed would have added more of an emotional impact to her performance and so accentuated the horrors that unfold as the film progressed, especially the opening scenes, but Jessica Cameron did enough in the few early scenes to invest enough depth into her character to give the film an emotional edge.
There are some unexpected twists and turns with the story and characters, especially in the depictions of the priests, particularly Gene Palubicki in his first major film role, who also composed some of the superb music for the film. David E. McMahon is very impressive, having maybe one of the most controversial scenes in the film. Jim Van Bebber is also very effective when the extreme scenes of the exorcism kick in.
The film has some faults, a far grittier look and feel with stronger acting at times would have heightened the impact of the film. Although it is extremely impressive what was achieved on a very low budget, with the skill of the film-makers and particularly Jessica Cameron's performance balancing out the weaker elements of the film.
The Song of Solomon for the most part is an assured film and pretty much did what a horror film should do. Creepy, unsettling, and disturbing, added to that is of course the gut wrenching blood and gore that is to be expected from an American Guinea Pig film.
Fans of the series, exorcism/possession films, low budget independent horror films, and of course blood and gore films will not be disappointed.

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