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I think she was the love of his life.
I just can't keep it together 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔 I love John so freaking much it hurts. Idk why.

It is sad to see a marriage not last that long, it can cause a lot of hurt

Thank you so much for posting this special video! I was blessed to have been able to connect with JD personally... and was backstage at his concert in Austin the previous night on October 4, 1997 with him. He was actually the happiest I had ever seen him and had been backstage a few times after initially meeting him backstage at the amazing Wildlife Concert! And got to go both nights to that incredible event. But this is awesome... to have your posting of his very last concert... thank you so much! And if anyone out there ever knows if the Wildlife Concert outtakes have ever been released, especially as videos, I'd love to know it! He redid a few songs several times, including Darcy Farrow recorded 3 times, with some funny remarks being made throughout... all people who loved John Denver would love to see those moments! Thanks again.

Thanks for posting this.    I was one of the child performers in the Montana Christmas Skies tv special, and I always felt such pride I got to share a stage with him, even if just for a moment in time. @KUNGLO if u r in sydney, dr what have it on dvd. Cassandra Denver? Don't make me laugh. She wasn't John's widow, she was his gold-digger. She didn't deserve him.

My sister still plays his songs. Meraviglioso. Thank you for putting this back up - I really missed it! John's music was with me from when I was born - and it's still (and always will be) the soundtrack of my heart. Of all the other amazing artists that have passed on during my lifetime thus far, it's John that I miss most deeply and has left a hole in my heart. Thanks for posting as seeing this is so special! His voice was as strong as ever here too. JD is still missed. True song true love live on that beautiful in thier soul. Saw him,nasah new york 1975,great music. Miss you John. Wish I could have met you in person. I had a friend who met him serendipitously in Montana in a small store he owned in the Bitteroot Valley. JD stopped for gas and a few snacks. My friend knew I was a die hard fan (I waited in line for 24 hrs in the freezing cold for tickets at Madison Square Garden NY and purchased front row seats in the round. I was so close to the stage it was 50 pictures w my Canon FTBn and most was magical. They were all stolen by that same friend who called me about meeting JD! How is that for irony? Best concert as the garden was PACKED! Anyway, JD dis love Annie w all his heart and soul but he was largely mismatched as people and personalities. John was bipolar IMHO. As a physician, and as a massive fan, I can tell you all that his problems and his genius as well as his impulsivity came from his bipolar disorder. Annie, on the other hand, was not nearly as passionate and creative. John was fire and Annie ice. She loved him but John had a passionate love for her and many other things, esp his music. But his music was more of an expression of his inner self and the way he loved and perceived the world- at- large. When Annie couldn't reciprocate and share his passions about everything.-including themaelves- he had to go elsewhere for that he never received it from other women in shallow relationships. All that did for John was to instill more guilt on top of his longing to share life w the woman he really loved passionately. Someone mentioned Seasons of the Heart. the words ring true. He wanted to share every second of every experience w her but sadly, even if she was there w him, that didn't happen. Why? Not because Annie disnt love him. But because she was not his Yang to his Ying in terms of how powerfully they felt about things, esp the environment. Remember Annie was a psychology major and went on to become a therapist for couples I believe as well as individuals. How ironic as well. Annie, IMHO, was emotionally not there for John I believe. That was just who she was and that alone created distance between them. The actual miles between them when he was on the road only compounded the distance between them emotionally. Annie also was resentful of John's success I feel. She was a big women's libber and an early feminist who put John on his place so to speak. She was happy for his success, sure. But not as much as you would think and this also contributed to distance between them. Annie wanted to be known as her own person. NOT Mrs. John Denver. How hurtful do you think that was to John? There were tens of thousands, perhaps millions of female fans that woukd have killed to be able to play that role and the true love of his life did not! Then of course John's alcohol problem. Almost every person w bipolar disorder has a substance abuse problem. This lead to all kinds of other issues in his married and professional life but shake it he could not. I feel his bipolar depression became so much worse when he was home and not touring that is when he had to pursue other adrenaline producing activities to get him not only out of his funk but lift him as high as he could go to approach the mania he experienced while performing for thousands of adulating fans. You are missed JD.

This one sure was a lot of silly fun! Hot, dry and dusty looking conditions, which I love, as it is more realistic. The DVD remastered print has been beautifully done too.


🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💫😘. TÄMÄ ELOKUVA ON ILMAINEN NETFLIXISSÄ. Most Rated Movies and TV Shows With Cassandra Delaney. Cassandra Delaney. Extended Interview with Cassandra Delaney from "Not Quite Hollywood" 15:24) 1080p) On Location with Fair Game" featurette (3:39) 1080i 50hz) Behind the Scenes" 1985 TV Report from NWS9 Action News (0:36) 1080i 50hz) Behind the Scenes" 1985 TV Report from ADS-7 State Affair (2:21) 1080i 50hz. extended interview with cassandra delaney from not quite hollywood-on location with fair game-behind the scenes - 1985 tv report from nws9, action news-behind the scenes - 1985 tv report from ads-7, state affair-behind the scenes with dean bennett-theatrical trailer-image gallery-storyboard-mario andreacchio short films; vandalism (1981) 14mins. Cassandra Delaney, Actress: Fair Game. Cassandra Delaney was born in 1961 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is an actress, known for Fair Game (1986) Hurricane Smith (1992) and Rebel (1985. She was previously married to John Denver. A bunch of interviews filmed back in 2008 -NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD-76mins total has been added to this new blu-ray interviews with Director Brian trenchard smith, Producer Anthony Ginnane Actors steve railsback, Linda stoner, Roger ward, Gus mercurio all talk about their experiences working on Turkey shoot, Amazon: Turkey Shoot [Blu-ray] Steve Railsback, Rewind @ dvdcompare - Fair Game (Blu-ray) 1986. In Australia, four teenagers in a Sydney theater are astounded to hear the news that a nuclear war has broken out in Eastern Europe. They try to figure out the best way they can survive the coming conflagration. Director: John Duigan, Stars: Tyler Coppin, Cassandra Delaney, Jay Hackett, Saskia Post. Votes: 136. FAIR GAME (OZPLOITATION CLASSICS) BLU-RAY. Umbrella.

Funny how the movie makes the british seem like the good guys. Just remember they were the ones who invented the concentration camps. Plus they also treated their colonies like shit. 1:36 EL REY LEÓN. Love john Denver loved his songs great artist memory's to rocky mountain high to you fill up my sences take me home country road always in my heart.






Terminator 2. Napanuod ko na... lintik, prang gusto ko gantihan mga taong nanghusga agad kay john denver. Lalong lalo n mga studyante n putik. Subrang skit s ina n ndatnan nlang nya anak nya n nagpkamtay dhil hindi nkayanan... ang sakit. Tang... Serial womanizer and cheater. brilliant song writer. Omg wanna watch this😱❤. HE IS NOT HURRICANE SMITH SINGER BUT HIS FISTS TALKS... 😢😢😢😯😯😊😦.

Looks like a cool revenge flick

Hindi nlng kami manonood sa youtube sa cd nalang kasi napanood ko nayan sa cd

Poor guy he crashed his plane after he heard his greatest hits album and realize he sucked. Wonderful song, loving photos, I still believe they always loved each other. He is sadly missed by all who understood his talent as Glenn Campbell is also. Two of the best of that time, great song playing together also. Got most of his records over the years he was my USA country guy even though I lived in England fro 1989 and went to Australia. St the end of this movie does the girl chop the guys head in hallf.

Meril soriano! Good to see you again. You'll be right. Have a VB! Thats aussie NO BS culture. Love it.









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I Love how the description says Comedy, animated family film. Lol. Thats Cook from Skins😂😍. Where can I watch this. Why celebrate the 50th anniversary of something that never happened?  Unless the divorce lawyer(s) are celebrating.  Might as well celebrate the 105th anniversary of the the Titanic reaching New York on its maiden voyage. WOW! His last concert! Thank you for your persistence in taping as much as you could - who knew it would be his last one! I still miss this man and his beautiful, wonderful, so caring and even funny songs! He was such a strong advocate for keeping our world as safe, clean and beautiful as possible. We lost so much when he died. God Bless, John. That's one thought, and we're quite sure that the Skip Baylesses of the world (hopefully, there's just the one Skip Bayless, we thought as we typed that) will squeal that Sanchez's time with Longoria is the real problem behind the quarterback's inability to move to the "next level.m, American Conservative University Podcast: Show 619. Based on the award-winning novel and the Hollywood blockbuster, the production was hailed as “a fast-paced and inventive family show” by The Stage when it was first produced by the Playhouse back in spring 2018. It now returns as part of a UK tour that will tell the story of Stanley Yelnats, who is cursed with bad luck and sent to a labour, The Distributed Proofreaders Canada eBook of The Age of. Country Australia Cassandra Delaney Extended interview with Cassandra Delaney from Not Quite Hollywood romance 44. Country: Australia Cassandra Delaney Torrent Movie Where Download Réfractaire. actor - Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix; Free Full Marcy Online Free Streaming Online in Hindi Torrent Online Now. genres: Drama. Actors: Grant. A Very Special Holiday Special Little Fish Theatre If as of late you find yourself longing to laugh but not quite able to, Little Fish Theatre might coax you into smiling, snickering, chortling, and more than a few times doubling over in hilarity. At the San Pedro–based theater through Dec. 17, A Very Special Holiday Special provides these opportunities in its eight short plays, all world. In space, no one can hear you scream—not even if youre one of the Robinsons on Lost In Space, who seem to find themselves in danger with an almost perverse regularity.

Proud Antiqueño here😮👏🤘. Ito yung pang mmff hindi yung alam mo na😏. Désirée. So nice. 😊.






Makes me so sad to think of their divorce. They seemed so perfect for each other. Edi Glenn. I watched “The Last Hours of John Denver” on television last night and found this tribute this morning. I loved JD before he became famous. I was living in Denver, Colorado when he died in 1997. I pulled my car over onto the shoulder of the road and cried when I heard of his death on the radio. I will always believe that his years with Annie were the happiest and that his life went slowly downhill from the time they split. We will never know whether he knew he was flying on fumes that day or if it was a mechanical problem. I will always listen to his music with a tear in my eye. I feel like I just saw the whole movie just watching this. Miss you in a billion. Never will be another as awesome as you.


You Skipped Scream? ARE YOU SERIOUS. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Thank you to the movie in advance. You left out Scream, which was an incredibly smart career move for her, and Santa Clarita Diet. Come on, guys. You ever watch a Trailer and feel like you just saw the whole movie. Finally a movie my mom will want to then probably say Too mushy. Im COOOOOOOK. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy it very much. Nice movie.


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