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creator Manuel Martín Cuenca. Álvaro is a man from Sevilla (Andalucía, south to Spain). Poor and clumsy, without imagination and inspiration to write, he works as accountant in a notary and he is married with Amanda, who unexpectedly became famous after to write her first novel. Dreaming with to make the great novel of all times and surpass Amanda, Álvaro goes to night class of literature, asking help to the teacher José in order to find the keys to make it. After discovering Amanda being unfaithful with another man, Álvaro is suggested by his boss Don Alfonso to make a little vacations. Moving to a new building, Álvaro passes the days trying to write in an insistently and obsessively way, with any success. Meeting his new neighbors, among them are Enrique and Irene (two Mexican immigrants with money troubles by the imminent dismissal of Enrique of his work), Sr. Montero (an old man and former military, with extreme right-wing ideas from the old Franco's Regime), and the caretaker of the building, an unsatisfied mature woman used by Álvaro to obtain information. Lying Enrique about his possibilities to recover his work, Álvaro starts manipulating all around him to write the perfect novel, twisting the events to force Enrique kills Montero by the enormous richness he keeps in his home. But the situation soon becomes out of control, with the limited imagination of Álvaro unable to understand that is really what happens and how will end his highly longed for perfect novel. rating 3008 Votes. release year 2017. Comedy, Drama

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The Motive



The Motive
One of the best movies during the past few years. The movie is a simultaneous interplay of mirroring of integrated events of a building at about four levels. The protagonist author who trying to find his voice as he told his story writing teacher. Talking lessons in story writing for over three years. His teacher provides private tuitions where the teacher starts collaborating in shaping the story. But the author who wants to write "true literature" in order to write a book much better than the book of his high selling and award winning author wife.
Then he starts getting close to the neighbors in his building in order to write his story around their characters and lives. In order to take control of his script he starts to dictate events in his story by manipulating the lives of his neighbors. Finally the neighbor characters use him to commit a crime which he had only encouraged them. The author is finally implicated and imprisoned for same crime which his neighbors committed and set him up as the fall guy. The author is conned by the very same neighbors he thought was conning.



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