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runtime: 120 Minute 2018 Directed by: Andy Lobashevsky Documentary

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Charlie Sheen would have done a much better job.
Ayeee IM from el salvador I eat pupusas i was born in el salvador. They taste sol good.
The US was once the greatest nation in the world When was it the greatest nation in the world? Also, what makes a nation or a country the greatest? Is it based the average income of each individual of that country?Or the life expectancy of each individual? Or the amount of Nobel Prizes a country wins.


Dang laurel be a little bit more nicejeez.

Capitalism is a utopian idea which can never be realized. The reason being that a capitalist market will always tend towards monopolies. This is because when a company becomes large enough, it will start regulating the market either through lobbying the state, or by using its own private security (read thugs. The latter happened in England during the early 1800s, and the former has happened in the US in the last 50 years. My horoscope for future. I'm in Wall Street and you know what is amazing this people GOT AWAY with all those crimes! seriously they KNEW exactly what they were selling and you bet they are doing it now as we speak! Another crisis looms around 2018-19 mark my words! Obama administration did not punish them i highly doubt Trump will even more a finger to do something.

How do I pick a President when both seem to have big business in the passenger seat & middle America in the back seat of the car? Isn't that the mark of an amazing documentary? To leave you w/ information to ponder & questions raised that make you reexamine your own point of view. Very good film & a must see. WATCH IT NOW AT. Who dares wins. Oh I love this movie and also Steve jobs himself. his character is just amazing.


Lol there was an ad for this before the video. Official website. Can't stop thinking about the Butterfly Effect. 8:24 i dont know why but i lost it here. Steve jobs was the son of A syrian refugee. remember this when republicians say we Shouldn't take any. Reminds me, i found a newspaper from 1996... where there was a old apple side. Like just looking at that old iMac... the price was strange tho. Who's playing. 1.38 I thought the rat didn't talk 🤔. Who else agrees they need to make a series after this called “Night Jobs”. That's definitely a mac keyboard 2:18.





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