Dvdrip High Quality Full Movie Mid-Century Moderns: The Homes That Define Palm Springs

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Mid-Century Moderns: The Homes That Define Palm Springs



What an amazing place.


I guess new pavement wasn't in the budget. Watch'Mid-Century'Moderns: The'Homes'That'Define'Palm'Springs'movie'tamilyogi…. AMAZING HOUSE JIM. BEST WISHES. DENIEL. 4/25/15. Only very few people understand the beauty, simplicity and elegance of modern/mid-century design... I absolutely love Mid-Century Modern. A lot of these are really unique, and some of these are even Googie. I really like these houses. Definitely keep taking pictures of them and posting it. How about you bring your amazing skills to Palm Springs FLORIDA! 🙏🏻. 650 per month for lot rent? California is not affordable at all. I enjoyed this documentary. I only wish that they had talked a little bit more about my favorite Arkansas architect, E. Fay Jones. He was an AIA award winning architect that designed some of the best mid century modern and post modern structures in Arkansas.

I'll stick with a Tiny Home imo, this seems costly as if I was buying a regular house. Keep it simple! keep it clean! keep it uncluttered! NO HOARDING YOU MATERIALISTS! REDJEFF53. In other words, the international style was socialist architecture. I find it interesting how many famous architects and designers were socialists. Ex: Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier, and Norman Bel Geddes. Just to name a few. Very nice! Great job guys. I absolutely love them. Id love to live in one of those. ❤️. Who 'Mid-Century Moderns: The Homes That Define.







This delightful DVD explores the mid-century homes of Palm Springs known as the Alexanders. The presentation includes interior and exterior shots of these homes, plus in-depth interviews about architecture, Palm Springs history, the Alexander construction company and family, and the contribution these homes have made to American architectural design. Top Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods in Palm Springs.



Mid-Century Moderns: The Homes That Define Palm Springs ( 5 ) 8.9 44min 2012 ALL When Father and Son team George and Bob Alexander started building affordable architect designed homes in Palm Springs in 1955, they had no idea they would be the catalyst of what is today a city filled with modern design. Palm Springs boasts one of the best collections of modernist architecture in the world. Wealthy clients and celebrities from nearby Los Angeles and across the country commissioned villas in the.


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