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Documentary / 25 votes / Cast Matt Smith / Reviews In Matt Smith's autobiographical tale 'My Last Year with the Nuns,' the universe of his 8th grade self is about ten blocks long. Smith and his friends roam the heavily Catholic Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Seattle, Washington in the late 1960s wandering from St. Joseph's Church to the Seattle Times newspaper shack, from school playgrounds to a murky and tangled ravine that cuts through the city. The paper shack lies on the edge of the racial 'red line' drawn to enforce the era's prejudice, providing a rare forum where white and black kids come together for a few minutes each day before returning to their segregated streets and lives / Runtime 1 H, 15Minute

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  • USA
  • Tomatometers=7,1 of 10 Star
  • Comedy
  • runtime=30m
  • Ryan Hansen

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Cast Manuel Wayar. directed by Lucas Damino. genres Documentary. Argentina

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Abstract - Katia is a 17 year old apathetic and frustrated girl who spends the days with her boyfriend, Andrea. When she's not with him, she secretly sees other guys, watches forbidden videos on the Internet and fights with her parents. The monotony of the small town she lives in drags her into a tunnel of immorality and transgression that will eventually lead her and Andrea to a tragic epilogue / tomatometers - 5,8 of 10 stars / duration - 1 h 40 Minutes / genres - Crime / Liked It - 37 Votes

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  1. Review=The Energy Specialist is a movie starring Amy Acker, Timm Sharp, and Katie Walder. The Energy Specialist is about what you do after college, when you have spent most of your college days partying. After graduating from U. Mass
  2. Country=USA
  3. cast=Katie Walder
  4. tomatometers=6,4 / 10 stars
  5. creator=Eric S. Page

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directed by Stefano Levi. Geoff Tabin. Creator Lisa Wagner. rating 8,4 of 10. scores 17 Votes

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Movie info: Born Warriors is a documentary that focuses on the ancient fighting sport of Lethwei. Burmese Lethwei is one of the oldest practiced combat sports in Myanmar(aka Burma). The Burmese are the last of the great bare-knuckle fighters in Southeast Asia. The bare-knuckle matches often served as a rite of passage into manhood for young boys in rural villages. Martial tradition was an important component of the spiritual and physical growth of each young man and during the lively festivals he could demonstrate his fighting prowess. This rare documentary told in two separate and distinct parts was shot entirely in Myanmar over an extensive fourteen-year period release Date: 2014 Vincent Giordano Runtime: 26 Minutes 8,5 / 10 Stars

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Director Stella Meghie / Average Rating 7,5 of 10 stars / actors Tone Bell / Comedy / writers Stella Meghie

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  1. 2015
  2. actor: Wilson Gonzalez
  3. Julian, the German, Yassin, the Turk, and Addi, the African, have the same mother but different fathers. When they learn about each others existence they go on a road trip together in search for their common roots
  4. Creator: Doron Wisotzky
  5. countries: Germany

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brief - Ship of Fools is a TV movie starring Sadie Kaye, Geoffrey Chege Nganga, and Toby Brocklehurst. The long-awaited sequel to Sailing Miss Sadie sees a brand new crew of young offenders sail Miss Sadie (Kaye) back to Venezuela, this

release year - 2017

Countries - UK

1 Hour 30Min


resume - An ex-cop turned private Investigator struggles to put together the pieces of a new case, but with each clue he finds trouble seems to follow USA Dominic Goodie Dominic Goodie

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Canada; Star Manuel Tadros; Director Jimmy Larouche; Genre Biography; Creator Jimmy Larouche

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tomatometer - 7,2 / 10
Writed by - Scott Frank
In 1991, In New York, Matt Scudder is an alcoholic police detective. In 1999, Scudder is retired from the police and is a private investigator without license. When his comrade Peter Kristo from the rehab invites him to visit his brother Kenny Kristo, who is a drug dealer, Scudder learns that Kenny's wife Ann Carrie Kristo) had been abducted and cut into pieces by the kidnappers. Now Kenny wants to find the killer to revenge. Scudder initially refuses the case but then he accepts to investigate. Soon he finds that the killers have murdered other women connected to drug dealers and they get their files from the DEA. When the fourteen year-old daughter of a drug dealer is also kidnapped, Scudder heads up a group to rescue the teenager

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Rating: 7,1 / 10 Star Director: Ivan Bolotnikov Republic of Macedonia Actor: Grigoriy Chaban writer: Ivan Bolotnikov

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countries USA. Audience score 145164 Vote. Will Smith. Max Landis. average Rating 6,7 / 10

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